Saturday, 9 August 2014

Toku Adaptation: Juukou B-Fighter vs Big Bad Beetleborgs Comparison

I posted it my blog "Adaptation Toku". First look at B-Fighter vs Big Bad Beetleborg. Beetleborgs used a Japanese stock footage by Saban the created of "Power Rangers". Here Japanese is Jukou in English translate Heavy Shell letter B for Beetle. Let's talk about Beetleborgs "it a stupidest about Power Rangers rip off all time," . I first saw a promo in united kingdom, I thought was Power Rangers. I went a school trip with my childhood friends, and I had a castle remind me of Haunted House. I talk to my friends who just saw a Beetleborgs "It so excited" however I watching Big Bad Beetleborgs it was cheesy and terrible comic book sequence. I read in Wikipedia "Metal Hero series" I just finished the read it (Beetleborgs) both show ran for two season ended run of stock footage and list of episode there run out Japanese footage only 88 episode. I have friend of mine wearing a cosplay Blue Beets in Philippines. 

Heroes and Allies

Juukou B-Fighter:
I like B-Fighter it awesome Tokusatsu, part of Metal Hero when I was a teenage I discovery a picture of B-Fighter it looks the same suit in Japanese stock footage. The main characters Takuya Kai/Blue Beet at Earth Academia Japan Branch and is the team leader of B-Fighter played by Daisuke Tsuchiya, you may remember that person from "Ninja Sentai Kakuranger" along with his twin brother from Dairanger. Daisaku Katagiri/G-Stag play by Shigeru Kanal later play Mega Silver from "Denji Sentai Megaranger" (adapter for Power Rangers in Space), and Rei Hayami/Reddle I, (1-22) and Mai Takatori/Reddle II (22-53), who was chosen by Rei pass her B-Commander onto Mai in episode 22. Kabuto is Guru son who left his father a hundred years ago and had been across travel dimensions as a supplier of weapons and he is not a human transformer into a suit or cyborg. 

DVD cover

Big Bad Beetleborgs:
One of the worst shows all time about three kids reading comic book Beetleborgs. Adaption of B-Fighter series, Haim Saban asking to his editing remove a violence in Japanese stock footage with Batman-Esque sound effect or were cut out through the comic book with comic book panel it ridiculous footage. Monster Hillhurst trying to eat those kids, I think it a parody of Universal monsters. B-Fighter was the adaption for Beetleborgs back in 1996.

A ghost pop out like genie name Flabber it look alike Jay Leno, inspired Elvis customer and look like "Liberace" a parody name "Flabbergast". Flabber gave a powers to kids become a Beetleborgs. Drew McCormick play by Wesley Barker using telekinesis, Ronald Williams The Green Hunter "Beetleborgs" user his powers super sonic play by Herbie Baez, when the show was cancel and went to study in university to become an photographer model. Jo McCormick play by Shannon Chandler later replace to Britney Konarzewski. Nano Williams played by Rappin' Granny recognizer her from Beetleborgs to American's Got Talent. Josh Baldwin the White Beetleborg play the Warren Berkow character is not relation name of "Alec Baldwin" anyway. His Japanese counterpart of Kabuto from B-Fighter.


Jamahl Kaijin: 
I can't do it for my blog because it was a difficult main villains from B-Fighter and Beetleborgs. I'll skip to Black Beet. Shadow (played by his twin brother who played Kirinranger from Gosei Sentai Dairanger) an evil clone of Takuya made by Jagul. He transforms with Black Commander and shouting "Jakou!" become Black Beet.

Big Bad Beetleboegs:
Shadowborg is a black evil Beetleborgs created by Vexor from Ionic DNA and insect material stolen from Blue Stinger shoulder. Finally, destroy by the Blue Stinger Beetleborgs in his Mega Blue Form. His Japanese counterpart of Shadow from B-Fighter.

Arsenal and Transformation

I am trying to search video B-Fighter transformation gone due to copyright infringement on YouTube.

B-Fighter arsenal 

a transformation device. In episode one, Guru powers to prototype robots change color into B-Commender device gave to Takuya Kai transforms into Blue Beet, Daisuke Katagiri, and Rei Hayama both transforms into B-fighter.

Input Magnum
Three of them use an Input Magnum keypad sound like the mobile phone.

Beetleborgs Arsenal:

Beetle Bonders 

Beetleborgs transformation device. Kids calling "Beetle Blast! Beetleborgs" transforms into a suite Beetleborgs in comic book sequences or shape shiftier into Beetleborgs. A blast seeing picture explosion it crazy and in 2010, Toonzai (2008 to 2012) Dragon Ball Z Kai a Goku using his called Spirit Blast instead of Spirit Bomb it too violent. I hate 4Kids it ruined Anime. 

Sonic Laser repainted purple and red in the toy box, not mine. 

According to Wikipedia The Input Magnums, the original B-Fighter's guns, looked very realistic due to the black-and-silver coloring. In Beetleborgs, the gun's colors were changed to bright red and purple, and all Japanese footage of the Input Magnum's keypad being used was replaced with American footage using the red and purple gun. My apologies for the white line.

Music Theme 


Juukou B-Fighter Theme

I like Japanese theme of Juukou B-Fighter it awesome opening by Shinichi Ishihara who singing theme song f Bio-Booster Armor Guyver, Kamen Rider Agito, and Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive. I love to listen to that theme song it awesome.

Big Bad Beetleborgs theme

Theme song it the worst opening. I read the lyric song "Three typical average kids, went into a haunted house. Just a freed of a ghost who made them Beetleborgs" I really hate the song.  

What calling a borgs what you mean borgs you talking about cyborgs it kind of a Cybernetic Organism take off Cy just borgs you heard a Star Trek: TNG. I apologize to Sleepy-Hillhurst Beetleborgs fan for criticizing Beetleborgs.